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The Elm Leaf Beetle (Pyrrhalta luteola) is an introduced species which can defoliate a large elm tree within the course of a summer.

In the late 1980's Elm Leaf Beetle (ELB) was found in a bayside area near Melbourne. The pest is now well established in eastern Victoria. It is beginning to spread west, and has reached the Murray River in the North.

The ELB is described as the size of a small pea, and is yellow or olive with black stripes.

If affected, the growth of the Elm tree may be impacted and ultimately the ELB may lead to its demise.

A healthy Elm is more likely to survive an ELB infestation. To maintain tree health the following strategies are suggested:
· Ensure the tree is watered, particularly in dry periods
· Avoid compacting soil over the tree root zone
· Use mulch to cover the tree root zone to encourage good soil conditions

Cutting Edge offers a range of ELB treatment options. Contact us for an obligation free quote and professional advice.

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