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Research has shown that trees are a valuable asset to property. Whether that be shade, screen or aesthetics. Trees can also add to the landscape and character of the property and surrounding area.

All too often we see incidents where a neglected tree or a large branch fails, resulting in damage to property and/or loss of the tree. In many cases the damage could have been avoided by having a good tree maintenance strategy in place.

Our qualified arborists can identify areas of a tree that require attention by pruning to serve the purpose of the customer and the health of the tree. Pruning techniques like crown and weight reduction, uplifting, crown thinning and deadwooding are used to alter a trees’ appearance, improve the long-term health of the tree and reduce the risk of limb failure.

All pruning undertaken by Cutting Edge Tree Services is performed to Australian Standards AS 4373 2007 - Pruning of Amenity Trees.

Cutting Edge Tree Services recommends annual inspections by a qualified arborist to ensure that a tree’s health and structure is sound, therefore ensuring a safe and aesthetically pleasing asset to the property.

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