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Darebin City Council

  1. This serves as a general guide; however, please directly contact the council for the most up-to-date information as regulations may change periodically.

Darebin City Council – 03 8470 8888

Tree Removal Permit

There are two situations where you’ll need a permit to remove a tree or vegetation on your property:

  1. Your property falls under specific planning regulations:

    • If your property has an existing planning permit, Vegetation Protection Overlay (VPO), Environmental Significance Overlay (ESO), or Heritage Overlay (HO), you might need a permit to remove trees or vegetation.
    • You can find out if your property is subject to these regulations by checking the Victorian planning schemes. 
    • To confirm if your property has an existing planning permit or for more information on the planning application process, reach out to our Planning Department at 03 8470 8888.
  2. Your property has a significant tree:

    • A significant tree is one with a trunk circumference greater than 100cm (1000mm) measured at 1.5m above ground level and a height taller than 8m.
    • However, there are cases where you don’t need a permit to remove a tree (or part of a tree):
      • If part of a tree poses an immediate risk to people or property, you can remove that specific part without a permit.
      • Trees declared as noxious weeds under the Catchment and Land Protections Act 1994 are exempt.
      • For palm trees, you can remove dead fronds without a permit.
      • If you’re pruning non-structural branches that are 75mm in diameter or smaller, you generally don’t need a permit. You can contact Darebin Parks for guidance on this.
  3. If your tree is under protection via your title

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