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Hobsons Bay City Council

  1. This serves as a general guide; however, please directly contact the council for the most up-to-date information as regulations may change periodically.

Hobsons Bay City Council – 1300 179 944

Hobsons Bay council includes:

Altona, Altona Meadows, Altona North, Brooklyn, Laverton, Newport, Seabrook, Seaholme, South Kingsville, Spotswood, Williamstown and Williamstown North.

Tree Removal Permit

Private Tree Removal

If you intend to remove or carry out significant work on a mature tree within your property, it’s essential to check whether you require a permit before proceeding. Here’s how you can apply for one:

Local Law Protection: Under the Local Law, you must obtain a Tree Removal Permit if you plan to remove or cause damage to a Protected Tree. A Protected Tree is defined as a tree or palm with a trunk diameter of 45 cm or greater, measured at 1.5 meters above its base. You can find more details in the Hobsons Bay Community Local Law (2015) – Part 47(2) Street tree and tree protection (page 44).

Planning Scheme Protection: The Hobsons Bay Planning Scheme enforces tree controls in specific areas within the city, particularly within the Heritage Overlay (Clause 43.01). Specific locations subject to these controls are listed within the planning scheme.

For further information regarding planning permit requirements, you can contact the Planning Services team via email or at 1300 179 944. It’s crucial to ensure compliance with these regulations when dealing with trees on your property.

Applying for a Permit

To obtain a Private Tree Removal Permit, please follow these steps:

  1. Submit an Application: Start by submitting a permit application for tree removal. Ensure that you provide all necessary details and documentation required.

  2. Payment: Along with your application, you must make a payment of $129.00. This fee is essential to cover the administrative costs associated with processing your application. Please note that the application assessment will not commence until the payment is received. It’s important to understand that payment of the application fee does not guarantee that a permit will be issued.

  3. Discount for Concession Card Holders: If you are an eligible concession card holder, you may qualify for a 50% discount on the application fee.

  4. Applicant Eligibility: Keep in mind that applications for the removal of a Protected Tree must be made by the property owner.

  5. Processing Time: Anticipate an approximate processing time of 15 business days for your application to be assessed.

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