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Maribyrnong City Council

  1. This serves as a general guide; however, please directly contact the council for the most up-to-date information as regulations may change periodically.

Maribyrnong City Council – 0396880200

Maribyrnong council includes:

Braybrook, Footscray, Kingsville, Maidstone, Maribyrnong, Seddon, Tottenham, West Footscray and Yarraville.

Tree Removal Permit

Tree work on private trees in the Maribyrnong municipality is subject to regulations determined by;

1. Planning Zones

2. Tree Protection Overlays

3. Significant Tree Register

Planning Zones: The planning zones in Maribyrnong Council define the scope of work, development, and modifications permissible in the landscape and vegetation to maintain the desired neighborhood character. Depending on your property’s zone, you may need a permit for significant tree works, such as lopping or pruning. However, minor pruning for shaping, foliage reduction, and regeneration is generally allowed without a permit. You can find a list of planning zones on the council website. Before undertaking major tree removal or lopping, it’s advisable to obtain a free planning property report, which will outline relevant planning zones and restrictions for your property.

Tree Protection Overlays: Certain areas and specific types of vegetation are subject to additional tree protection controls through tree protection overlays. These overlays impose restrictions on the removal and lopping of native vegetation and vegetation of cultural, environmental, or aesthetic significance. Trees protected by these overlays typically require council permission and a permit to carry out work that may damage or remove the tree. The Victorian Environment, Land, Water, and Planning website offers an interactive map of the Maribyrnong planning scheme to help identify relevant policies and ordinances for your property. It also provides information on each overlay, including associated restrictions and requirements for tree works within those zones.

Significant Tree Register: The Significant Tree Register aims to preserve trees considered highly valuable to the community. Criteria for adding trees to this register include their horticultural value, rarity, historical context, size, aesthetic appeal, and environmental significance, among others. The nomination period for adding trees to this register closed in November 2018. Trees listed as significant will require council approval for removal, destruction, or pruning. Additionally, permits are necessary for any building or development within the Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) of a significant tree. The TPZ encompasses the area around a significant tree, both above and below ground, to safeguard its roots and crown.

Ensure you understand and comply with these regulations when planning tree works on your property in Maribyrnong.

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